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Women Employment

Our Indian society now widely accepts the employment of women. The career of married and unmarried women has become a widely accepted phenomenon in their families. Though educated people have changed their mindset about appreciating women having active careers, some conservative sections of our society do not want unmarried women to work. During the


Safety in Warehouse Operations

Introduction/Overview A safe, well organized and orderly Warehouse is the key to a successful stocking and dispatch operation. Operations in the warehouse include receiving, putting away, storing & distribution within the facility; or dispatch for shipment. For this purpose, a number of resources including equipment like manual and electric hand pallet trucks, diesel or electric


Covid – Safety rules to follow in the Factory

There is much talk these days with COVID-19 about the wearing of masks to cover your nose and mouth when out in public and at the workplace. One diagram that has famously made the rounds on social media indicates that if everyone wore a mask it would effectively reduce the transmission rate to just 1.5%.


Important Considerations When Choosing a Logistics Partner

Moving goods from Point A to Point B may sound simple, but an experienced business owner / operations manager knows that dealing with supply chain and logistics either within the different points of a manufacturing or shifting between locations, facilities, warehouse and ports can become more complicated than expected. Besides one has to consider various

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