The cost of raw materials, machine spare parts, engineering goods and other consumable and replacement items used in the manufacturing process at your factory is one of the largest elements of your production cost. Depending on the size of operations as well as the number and types of items, manufacturing units set up stores to manage the process of receiving and utilizing the various materials.

It is hence vital that your store be set up, organized, managed and monitored in a manner so as to prevent loss from damage, pilferage and deterioration of materials.

A well developed and well managed store operation can lead to a substantial saving in raw materials and working capital costs while ensuring stock is always maintained for production departments as and when needed.

Hence, in order to streamline and optimize the receipt and usage of raw materials and consumables at the manufacturing unit, the factory management must
  • Carefully and judiciously plan the location as well as layout of the store within its factory premises
  • Have robust systems and relevant best practices / SOPs in place to manage the operation at stores
  • Employ skilled and experienced manpower to take on various store activities including receipt, physical verification, binning, stock taking, issue
  • Ensure store operations are handled in a safe manner to avoid injuries or accidents during loading, unloading, stocking and other activities

Unilift Skill and Experience

With more than 20 contract-years experience and store operations handled at multiple sites, we have the familiarity, knowledge and skill to handle your store requirements in a safe and efficient manner.

We have employed more than 500 experienced store handling experts including riggers, binning operators, loaders/unloaders and others.

We have managed store operations at some of the largest manufacturing units of the country handling hundreds of challans, binning items, physical verification and stock taking on a daily basis.

Our proven track record in store handling consists of incident free and compliant operations over a long period of time. Our handling of operations and benefits to customers from the same has lead to repeat orders and extensions of contracts over several years.

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