As the owner or manager of a manufacturing unit, there are a large number of support or auxiliary services that have to be acquired, managed and supervised by you and your team to ensure the proficient operation, maintenance, cleanliness and safety of your factory.

The preventive factory maintenance and breakdown repair of the plant machinery, the plant operations, the management of logistics and dispatch of finished goods, the handling of your engineering store and spare parts, are only some of the several tasks that have to be carefully supervised and executed in order to carry out a successful production and delivery operation for your products.

In order to focus on their core operations and maximize production output, manufacturers are well advised to off-load some if not all the above activities to skilled contractors, vendors and service partners having the experience and expertise in different support activities in order to achieve the best possible results.

However, having different contractors for the different areas of plant operations includes managing several contracts, dealing with numerous supervisors and vendor representatives, a lack of synergy in the different stages of operations and often blame games and buck passing among contractors. It also means a higher cost of operations since each vendor has its own overhead and management costs as well as a higher number of footfalls in plant than would be otherwise required.

Therefore, the ultimate dream for any factory management looking to maximize outputs and profitability of the unit is a model of outsourcing whereby a single vendor is responsible for end to end management of all plant operations, factory maintenance, logistics and upkeep activities in the plant. This ensures synergized and seamless operations across the production line while reducing costs.

However, finding a partner capable of executing and correctly managing the different stages and services is easier said than done and the factory management cannot be faulted for having reservations in trusting the multiple verticals and activities to one entity.

In order to take on and effectively execute end-to-end plant operations and factory maintenance management, the service partner must have
  • A thorough understanding of the skill-set and capabilities required for various support services (plant operations, factory maintenance or logistics)
  • Access to a skilled, trained and qualified workforce in all fields
  • Experience and track record of taking on end-to-end operation and administrative capabilities to ensure delivery of adept services
  • A trustworthy and reliable management system with a proven track record of delivery on commitments