The purchase, maintenance, movement and safety of mobile material handling equipment (MHEs) engaged at your factory can be a source of great worry for any factory owner or manager.

Every minute of unscheduled downtime in your material handling equipment converts to losses for your business. Additionally, poorly managed and inefficiently operated Diesel Forklift, Battery Forklift or other equipment slows down your material movement, severely impacts production outputs, and unduly burdens the warehouse with overstocking. At the same time, any accident relating to MHEs at your facility can potentially result in heavy damages, substantial loss of property as well as danger to human life.

Hence, even though not a part of the core-operations in a plant facility, the operation, maintenance and handling of MHEs including Diesel Forklift, Battery Forklift and other equipment hugely influences and impacts the success of the manufacturing process and makes a marked difference to the overall output and profitability of your unit.

In order to have a successful material handling operation, the factory management must
  • Invest in high quality material handling equipment having the right specifications and features
  • Hire and manage a team of qualified and trained operators and maintenance personnel for the proper operation, repair and upkeep of Diesel Forklift, Battery Forklift and other equipment
  • Purchase, stock and track usage of spare parts and consumables needed in upkeep of the equipment
  • Introduce and consistently implement a culture of safety in operating equipment as well as frequent seminars for best practices in safety

In order to avoid the cost of acquiring expensive diesel forklift, battery forklift and other equipment, very often factories opt to engage forklift hiring / forklift rental services from any material handling equipment supplier.

In this model, the equipment is procured by the material handling equipment supplier, for example a forklift hiring company and the equipment by itself is provided to the customer i.e. the factory. It is now the responsibility of the customer and not the forklift hiring company to operate maintain and manage the forklift. Hence, forklift rental services or other MHE rentals are simply a supply based model without the responsibility or ownership of output or completion of operation.

Unilift Skill and Experience

As a material handling equipment supplier from the very first day of our 35-year long journey, we have provided material handling services to manufacturing units across industries and at different locations.

We currently own, operate and maintain more than 250 mobile material handling equipment including Diesel Forklift, Battery Forklift, Front end loaders, Hydra Cranes, TRX Cranes, Battery and Manual Hand Pallet Trucks, and others.

The key difference between us and other material handling equipment suppliers in this space is while most players are engaged only in forklift hiring or forklift rental services as well as similar services for other equipment on supply basis (without responsibility of operation and output), we take on the entire operation of material handling. Hence, we offer not just the diesel forklift, battery forklift as a forklift hiring or forklift rental service but the entire aligned operation such that the entire task of equipment management is off-loaded from the task list of the factory management.

We deploy the number and type of material handling equipment suited to your operational requirement as well as your plant and warehouse size and layout, and manage operations in a proficient and safe manner through a team of skilled equipment drivers, safety officers, and technical maintenance personnel.

In this manner, by implementing a culture and model that is over and above simple forklift hiring or provision of forklift rental services as in the case of ordinary material handling equipment suppliers, we ensure that MHE operation works as an accelerant to your business process rather than an obstacle to the same.

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