As the owner or manager of any production unit, the safety, security and personal health of the workforce engaged at your unit is one of your primary concerns, as it should be. According to data from the Labour and Employment Ministry, there is an average of 3 deaths and 47 injuries every single day amongst factory workers in India.

Various operation processes, bye-products and releases, as well as hazardous areas of the factory can pose serious potential risks and dangers for the workers engaged. Equipment drivers, production line operators, maintenance personnel and manual labourers are on the shop floor and in the line of fire for any safety hazard and unsafe working condition.

In this scenario, it is a primary responsibility of the factory management to
  • Give priority to environment, health and safety (EHS) management and compliances at the highest level
  • Acquire skilled and specific safety consultancy from qualified EHS consultants to enhance safety in operations on site
  • Equip the unit with the tools, resources and instruments necessary for safe operations
  • Have a health and safety officer regularly monitor operations
  • Sensitize and educate various levels of the workforce regarding potential hazards and dangers, necessary do’s and don’ts, and best safety practices; and to
  • Instill a culture of safety in the operations and workings of the factory.