As a factory owner or manager, your unit employs a number of workers at different levels including equipment drivers and operators, maintenance technicians, production line operators, manual labourers and loaders, helpers and others. Depending on the nature and size of operations, the number of workers at your unit can vary from less than 10 to several hundreds or in some cases, even more.

Being heavily regulated, it is usually necessary for factory owners or managers to have compliance services in order to ensure adherence to all legal requirements. No matter what the number of workers at your production unit, there are a host of laws, regulations and filings that need to be complied with on a monthly and annual basis and labour law compliance forms a huge part of the overall compliance requirements for factory owners.

While ignoring labour law compliance is not an option due to the high costs of penalties and severe punishment for violations, ensuring comprehensive compliance to all labour laws applicable to your unit is a costly and strenuous process which takes away precious time and focus from your core operations.

  • How many full-time resources do you have to employ for preparing and disbursing salaries every month?
  • How many persons in your team are engaged in keeping up with ever-changing labour laws, tracking monthly and annual filings, registrations and licenses with a view to ensuring labour law compliance?
  • How much time do you spend worrying about labour law compliance in your factory being up to date?
  • Is it worth hiring expensive labour compliance services agencies which include a host of unnecessary packages to drive up service fee?
The Right Solution

As an industrial service partner employing more than 2000 factory workers, we have provided pay-roll and labour compliances services of factory workers over the last 3 decades. This also puts us in the best position to identify the key requirements of labour law compliance and ensure the same are fulfilled and adhered to without any compromise or question.

Labour compliance services have been an integral part of our business operations since inception. Our team of compliance and pay-roll experts carry out monthly salary disbursements as well as PF, ESIC, and other HR and labour law compliance for thousands of factory workers and management staff.

Labour Compliance services provided as part of services in relation to workers engaged at huge factories of manufacturing giants like Reliance Industries Ltd., Aditya Birla, Vedanta Ltd., Apollo Tyres, CEAT Tyres and several others.

Using our pay-roll and compliance management services will help you

  • Be on top of your labour law compliance
  • Reduce overhead cost and drive up profits by avoiding paying huge sums for labour compliance services
  • Focus your time on energy on core business operations

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