The maintenance and upkeep of the material handling equipment and other logistics machinery at your unit is one of the most critical aspects of plant management. There is nothing worse for a factory owner or operator than having a fully functional manufacturing facility with manpower, materials and machinery in place which cannot produce and dispatch goods due to broken down and malfunctioning mobile material handling equipment.

Hence maintenance of the diesel forklift, battery forklift, hydra cranes, loaders and other mobile equipment deployed at the factory, while not a part of your company’s core business, severely impacts its operations, productivity and revenue. The quality and frequency of forklift maintenance as well as the promptness and efficiency of your forklift repair service itself has a huge impact on factory output.

Due to this reason, it becomes crucial for the factory owner or operator
  • To be alert to the age, health and maintenance history of each and every material handling equipment
  • To hire and manage trained and skilled personnel for the management and maintenance of equipment
  • To plan for regular and precise servicing of the equipment as per a pre-decided schedule (Preventive Maintenance)
  • To ensure forklift maintenance as well as maintenance of other material handling equipment is done in accordance with the decided schedule
  • To understand the likely breakdowns or issues which may arise depending on factors like the size and age of the equipment as well as conditions in the facility and have the right forklift repair service on hand in case of breakdown
  • To keep in stock the right type and quantity of spare parts, consumables and tools necessary for proper forklift maintenance and upkeep of all the equipment

Each and every decision from the points mentioned above substantially influences the performance of the material handling equipment and in-turn, the manufacturing unit. Unfortunately, most plant owners, managers, operators do not possess the requisite resources or know-how for the proper maintenance, upkeep and repair of equipment.

This leads to a large part of your time and effort being used up in staying on top of all of the requirements given above, while very often not being able to optimize and get the most of their resources due to frequent failures and prolonged stoppage and breakdowns of machines.

  • Do you have the right people taking care of forklift maintenance as well as the maintenance of other mobile material handling equipment in your plant?
  • What is the necessary cost of these maintenance resources and how much are you paying for them?
  • Who is the person keeping a tab on the consumables like oil, filters, hose pipes, nuts and bolts, bearings and several other items that go into the equipment servicing? How much time is taken by this activity and where can the time be better utilized?
  • How much time is it taking for forklift repair services in case of diesel forklifts and battery forklifts to solve issues every time there is a breakdown?
  • How much business and money are you losing every month due to the breakdowns and stoppages in your machines?
The Right Solution

As the owner of more than 200 nos. diesel forklifts, battery forklifts, and other plant material handling equipment, we have the experience, expertise and know-how to carry out proficient and vital servicing as well as preventive maintenance while minimizing and dealing with equipment breakdowns.

Our fleet of material handling equipment operates across industries including textile, metals, fibres, rubber, polymers, polyester, tyres, FMCG, and in different regions which gives us the acumen to judge and determine operations specific maintenance requirements of machines.

We have more than 400 trained, qualified and experienced technicians, mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel, battery attendants, mechanics, and helpers who are specialists in maintenance of diesel forklifts, battery forklifts, hydra cranes and other mobile material handling equipment. Additionally, with more than 30 years of experience in the maintenance field, we have long-term associations and connections with spare parts vendors as well as in-depth knowledge of price, quality, procurement process and shelf life of materials. Routine forklift maintenance as well as forklift repair service in case of breakdown has been one of the strong suits of our operations since inception.

This puts us in a strong position to carry out the maintenance of your material handling equipment, while optimizing resources, reducing repair time, driving down costs and increasing output.

Our AMC Services for your factory equipment

  • We deploy personnel with the appropriate skill-set and experience to carry out regular and expert upkeep and maintenance of material handling equipment,
  • We equip our maintenance experts with the right tools and instruments to track machine maintenance cost
  • We minimize downtime by providing prompt forklift repair service in case of any breakdown or unscheduled stoppage
  • We take charge of spares and consumables needed to be procured thereby reducing the cost of purchase of spares for you and saving you inventory management efforts
  • Ensure high quality in forklift maintenance and up-keep standards to maximise the operations and running time of the fleet
  • Provide regular reports regarding FL health, work carried out and breakdowns caused if any.

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